Welcome to the new TikGames.com!

If you hadn’t noticed, we just redesigned our website. Hope you like it! If you didn’t realize that we redesigned it, this is probably your first visit to our site. In that case, welcome to TikGames!

We made a lot of really fun casual games in the past, and this year, you’re going to see some really cool titles for core gamers. A lot of us at TikGames would fall into the “core gamer” category (if you’re into labels), so we’re really excited to work on games like these.

Check back often for news on our games, and while you’re checking us out, also take a look at our facebook page and our twitter: @TikGames!

-AC (the voice of TikGames online)

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2 Responses to Welcome to the new TikGames.com!

  1. Ryan says:

    We love Interpol for XBLA! Any chane of a sequel or new DLC for this game? That would be tremendous. Thanks

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