‘Dr Maybee’ Tips & Tricks

‘Dr Maybee and the Adventures of Scarygirl’ is now available to everyone everywhere, and we’ve been getting some requests for help. Well, here’s a big list of tips & tricks for you! If you still need help after reading the info below, feel free to use the contact form on our site to ask a question.

Level 1 – Outside Scarygirl’s home

  •  Having trouble with the giant egg to the left of Scarygirl’s home? When the egg icon appears on the left side of  your screen, head back to Bunniguru to ask him for help pushing it out of the way.
  • This seems very simple, but a lot of people forget about it: the high jump. It comes in handy in every level for reaching places that seem just out of reach.

Level 2 – Underwater

  •  Another simple tip: keep an eye on your remaining oxygen at the bottom of the screen. Keep an eye out for air pockets to swim up to and refill the meter.
  • You can press “X” to swim faster. This comes in handy if you encounter any unfriendly wildlife.
  • Be sure to look high and low for the green jellyfish. There are 7 total, so keep track of how many you’ve found.

Level 3 – Forest

  •  This isn’t an officially-sanctioned way of playing the game, but it’s what worked for me one time when I was having trouble: RUN!
  • If you hold down the jump button, you can bounce on platforms.

Level 4 – City Docks

  • In the first area where you need to collect gears, there are only 3. One is in the top middle of that area, one is at the bottom to the right of the first gear, and the last one is just above the gearbox.
  • Having trouble with the flamethrower enemies who are only a little taller than you? You can duck under the flame, carefully advance during pauses, then attack.
  • In the next area with gears, there are 5. One is right after the bridge, another is at the top of the area near a moving platforms, another is to the left and slightly higher than the gearbox, one more is downstairs from where you entered this area, and the last one is further to the right along the bottom.
  • The boss can be pretty tough. To defeat him, you need to hit the switches to drop debris on him. Be sure to allow some lead time for them to fall. Another useful tidbit: you can bounce off of his head. Rinse and repeat.

Level 5 – Sewers

  • You can walk through the green puddles, but avoid the green drops.
  • After you find the green key, it’s ok to fall down the gaps between the nearby slimy platforms.
Hope this helps!
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