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Magic Orbz™ offers a fresh spin on classic brick-breaking gameplay, in which players bust apart a 3D environment, piece by piece. Using realistic physics and an advanced system of object destruction, Magic Orbz™ features trophy support and almost 50 levels to demolish and conquer. Smash your way through dozens of colorful and stylized levels including pirate islands amid shark-infested waters, and castles filled with noble knights and courtly ladies. Power up your paddle with special enhancements like cannons and laser attachments. Plus, powerful earthquakes that rock the whole level and fiery meteor showers that rain down from the sky make Magic Orbz™ a fun, action-packed and engaging experience in single, cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. Magic Orbz™ is presented in stunning 1080p and its Multiplayer Online game mode supports in-game live voice communications.
  • Online 2-person multiplayer
  • Brick-breaking + physics + power-ups = Magic!
  • Wild levels with pirates, castles, and windmills to destroy
  • Booster Pack - 25 all-new magical levels, full of knights, witches, princesses, and new trophies
  • Winter Add-On Pack - 25 cool new winter levels, complete with penguins, igloos, glaciers, polar bears, and new trophies
  • Jungle Add-On Pack - 25 hot new jungle levels, with lots of wild animals, ancient ruins, tribal villages, dense foliage, and new trophies, too
Genre: Action, Puzzle Peripherals: Headset
Players: 1-2 Publisher: TikGames / Creat Studios
Release Date: 1/15/2009 Developer: TikGames / Creat Studios

Alcohol Reference

Mild Cartoon Violence