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The Alliance Air Force needs you! Join the elite Sky Fighter airborne squadron and engage the hostile enemy fleet in fast-paced, side-scrolling aerial combat. Learn to pilot all kinds of aircraft, from light, aerobatic, maneuverable fighters to the devastating flying fortress. Prepare to fight in all types of weather, day or night. Bomb the enemy's equipment and fortifications, shoot down their fighters with your machine gun, and destroy their hostile bombers with your missiles. Team up with an ace-flying friend in Wing Mode to overcome all "sky challenges" together. In Dogfight Mode, up to 7 friends can use their stunt-flying skills in battle to show who rules the skies. If you're brave enough to accept the mission, the Sky Fighter team is waiting for you!

  • Multiplayer Mayhem - Team with an ace-flying friend in Wing Mode or battle up to 7 others in Dogfight Mode.
  • Stealth Missions - Take cover in the clouds, avoid searchlights and dodge floating air-mines.
  • Big Bad Bosses - Prepare to battle heavily armored trains, powerful battleships and the monstrous enemy fortress.
Genre: Action, Shooter Publisher: TikGames / Creat Studios
Players: 1-8 Developer: TikGames / Creat Studios
Release Date: 11/16/2010

Mild Violence