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Rocks N’ Rockets thrusts players into the hero’s seat when civilization is threatened by a global meteor attack. The player’s mission is to protect our cities by launching various powerful rockets to destroy thousands of strange meteors headed towards earth. Rocks N’ Rockets features innovative power-ups, adding a strategic twist to this classic arcade-style game. Players can test their meteor blasting skills to the maximum as they defend regions all over the world.

  • Thousands of meteors to obliterate – Destroy not only meteor rocks, but also fireballs and iceballs using a number of different rockets to defend the earth. Just when you think the threat is over, brace yourself for another wave of meteors!
  • Collect special power-ups – Shoot power-up orbs to gain special aids against the falling meteors, including shields, lasers, and extra missiles
  • Defend cities around the globe – Prepare to defend ten regions around the earth in over 100 levels for hours of arcade fun
  • Marathon mode – Once you save the world in our three available difficulty arcade modes, try marathon mode to test your skills with unlimited missiles and a never-ending assault of cosmic clutter
Genre: Action Publisher: TikGames / Creat StudiosTikGames / Creat Studios
Players: 1 Developer: TikGames / Creat Studios
Release Date: 1/24/20116/15/2010

500 Points


Mild Fantasy Violence