Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos  Select a platform PlayStation®NetworkPlayStation®NetworkXbox LIVE® ArcadeXbox LIVE® Arcade

Track and hunt down a criminal mastermind and his villainous group as they embark on a sinister path of worldwide chaos and destruction. Gamers will travel around the globe as they unravel puzzles and gather hidden clues from exotic and remote locations, investigating elaborate crime scenes and overcoming treacherous mini-games along the journey. Game modes include single player storyline-based mode (local) and cooperative storyline-based mode (local or online).


  • Travel around the world - With 35 levels, you can explore New York City, Hollywood, Tokyo, Monte Carlo, Rome, and so much more in your hunt for Dr. Chaos.
  • Challenge yourself - Every Interpol agent must be the best of the best, and having a trained eye is the key to your success. Be sure to collect all the evidence to have a chance at catching Dr. Chaos.
  • Helpful hints - Even the most experienced agent needs help from time to time. Use the special magnifying glass to take a closer look, and access helpful hints that will guide you to the evidence should you ever get stuck.
  • Local and network multiplayer - Don’t worry - we aren’t sending you in alone. You can work with up to three of your friends, both locally and online, to bring the notorious Dr. Chaos to justice.
Genre: Puzzle Publisher: TikGames / Creat StudiosTikGames / Creat Studios
Players: 1-2 Developer: TikGames / Creat Studios
Release Date: 1/7/20099/10/2009

400 MSP


Alcohol Reference

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