Dr Maybee and the Adventures of Scarygirl PSP®MiniPSP®Mini

Based on the Scarygirl graphic novel created by acclaimed artist Nathan Jurevicius, Dr Maybee and the Adventures of Scarygirl is a marvelous adventure through the Scarygirl universe, as she attempts to discover the identity of the mysterious, bearded man haunting her dreams. With help from her friends, the quick-witted Bunniguru and Blister the giant octopus, she will journey from her treehouse home in the forest to an overwhelmingly unfriendly city in her quest to locate Dr Maybee.

  • Surreal Art by Nathan Jurevicius: Scarygirl’s fantastic landscape and creatures are both beautiful and bizarre to behold
  • Scarygirl & Friends: Calling them a ‘colorful’ cast of characters would be an understatement. Scarygirl, the part-octopus girl who dresses like a pirate,  has a tentacle for her right hand and has naught but a bone for her left, is the star here, though each friendly or treacherous creature she meets will certainly be unique
  • It’s a Completist’s Paradise: In each level, players can search high and low for hundreds of gems, fish, and other items to collect.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Platformer Publisher: TikGames
Players: 1 Developer: TikGames
Release Date: 7/6/2011

€3.99 (£3.49)
PlayStation (UK)

Mild Cartoon Violence