Big Kahuna Reef 3 PCPC

ALOHA!!   Are you dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation?  Then pack your bags and dive into the latest installment of one of the most popular Match 3 games ever: Big Kahuna Reef 3.  Whether you have loved and longed to play it again or are taking your first trip to the Big Kahuna Reef, now’s the time to kick back and enjoy this tropical Match-3 paradise.  Addictive features like the untimed “Relaxed Mode,” “Mouse Party” multiplayer mode and the signature “My Reef” where you can create your very own aquarium are combined with all-new mini-games to play, like “Fish Finder” and “Spot the Difference.” As you play through levels, you’ll collect currency, like food, fish, or reef pieces to upgrade your aquarium. Big Kahuna Reef 3 also introduces Talismans and Charms, all-new power-ups that give you an extra boost to take your play to the next level!

  • Addictive Match 3 Gameplay: You know it, you love it, and it’s at its best here!
  • An Untimed Mode:  Relaxed Mode lets you play at your leisure, without the pressure of  a timer
  • Mouse Party: The frantic multiplayer mode returns, letting you cooperate or compete with friends
  • My Reef: Create your own virtual aquarium, decorate it, and pick exactly which fish will live in it
  • Mini-Games: Unlock the mini games to mix things up
  • Talismans & Charms: These power-ups help you take it to the next level. Using a talisman like the Swordfish sends a flotilla of swordfish to clear 15 random tiles, while simply holding a charm like “Tiki Master” lets you hold the helpful Tiki Totem longer
Genre: Puzzle Publisher: TikGames
Players: 1-8 Developer: TikGames
Release Date: Coming Soon