Stick Man Rescue PSP®MiniPSP®Mini

Available now in Europe. Coming 1/24/12 to the US!


You grew up drawing little black stick men dying in horrible ways, but now they need your help! The Evil Blue Stick Minions are out in force, putting your stick men in danger. Rescue them using your futuristic troop transport copter and return them to base, but watch out for enemy weapons and traps! You could watch your stick men die hilariously horrible deaths…but then you wouldn’t finish the level. What to do?

  • Thirty Action-Packed, Brain-Busting Levels: Each level is progressively more complex and dangerous than the last. Use your guns AND your brains to save all the stick men.
  • Classic Stick Man Deaths: Will you save them all, or will they be burned alive, smashed, decapitated, blown up, electrocuted, dissolved by acid, or what?
  • Power Up Your Copter:  To thwart the Evil Blue Stick Minions, you’ll need to grab missiles, flame throwers, and more.
  • Evil Blue Stick Minions: They’re armed to the teeth and ready to kill your stick men with tanks, zeppelins, paratroopers, and even steam rollers.
Genre: Action Publisher: TikGames
Players: 1 Developer: TikGames
Release Date: 1/24/2012


Blood and Gore