Announcing Stick Man Rescue!

Our newest game is ‘Stick Man Rescue’, an action/arcade PSP Mini. You remember how, as a kid, you used to draw little stick figures dying in horrible, horrible ways? Well, in this case, you could¬†watch them die, or you could do your duty and save them using your futuristic copter! Of course, if you let them die, you’re gonna lose, so choose wisely :) The gamepage on our site, full of information about the game, is located right here.

Boy, do we have a bunch of good stuff for this game coming up for you fans over the next few weeks. Of course, we’ll have a video so you can see it in action, but we’re also going to have our own stick man drawings posted to facebook, so you can see the artistic “talent” of the TikGames crew :) Feel free to draw your own, ’cause we’re going to ask you to submit them not too long from now! We’re also going to give you unique insight into how this game game about, courtesy of the creator, Howard Lehr. There’s even more coming, so keep checking our facebook and twitter for more news!


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