Stick Man Rescue: General Tips & Tricks

If you’re in need to some little bits of advice for Stick Man Rescue, this is the post for you! Here are some hints straight from the horse’s mouth (Howard Lehr, Director of Game Design, not an actual horse, though that sure would be cool to have a talking horse). We’ll have more tips for those of you stuck on a specific level, so check back soon!

Set Priorities

Watch the level fly through, assess the threats and decide which set of stick men you’ll rescue first.  Doing things in the right order makes the game a lot easier. You don’t always have to go for the easy rescues first; sometimes it’s better to go for the guys farthest away first.

Herd the Stick Men

Stick men aren’t super bright so they follow very simple rules.  Hey, if your head was just a dot on the screen you wouldn’t be a genius either!  If the copter is on the ground and the stick men are on-screen, they will run towards it, even when it’s a VERY BAD idea.  Use this to your advantage.  Move some of them to safer spots, especially when bombs, conveyor belts, or trees are involved. Even if you don’t get them completely out of danger, you might buy a few valuable seconds. Remember: they’ll only run towards you if you have 3 or fewer stick men in the vehicle. Careful, though, since stick men that are slightly above or below you will also run towards the Copter.

Be Self- Sacrificing

It’s a good thing in general to be willing to take one for the team.  Stick Man Rescue is no exception.  Sometimes purposefully destroying your empty Copter is the best thing to do. If your Copter has taken a lot of damage and you pick up some stick men, you risk losing them in a fiery crash once you take a tiny bit more damage.

Evil Blue Stick Minions Are Bad, M’Kay?

The only good blue stick man is a dead blue stick man. They’ll keep running around until they find trouble (e.g. finally push that bomb off the cliff above your guys), so it’s best to take them out when you see them.

Things Fall Down

This seems like a little thing, but you’ll kick yourself when it happens to you: avoid hanging objects. If you’re not careful where you’re flying, you might cut the rope holding a very heavy object, which is almost certain to fall on some oblivious friends of yours.

Two Weapons, Max

Don’t forget that your Copter can only carry two items in its loadout. Keep this in mind in levels where you might need to use fire or water. You probably won’t want or need missiles or bombs in these levels.

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