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TikGames' Interpol released with Xbox One Backward Compatibility

July 20, 2016   |   Brian Ke

The list of titles that are backward compatible with Microsoft's current-generation gaming console, the Xbox One, is growing with each passing week. The latest addition that the tech giant has announced so far is the Xbox Live Arcade title, "Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos."

The mystery puzzle game, "Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos," is now available on the Xbox Game Store, and it is playable on Xbox One through its backward compatibility feature, according to Xbox blogger, Major Nelson.

"Track and hunt down a criminal mastermind and his villainous group as they embark on a sinister path of worldwide chaos and destruction," the description for the game states. "Gamers will travel around the globe as they unravel puzzles and gather hidden clues from exotic and remote locations, investigating elaborate crime scenes and overcoming treacherous mini-games along the journey," it adds.