Gaming Websites Are Psyched About Scarygirl

Our friends over at Square (and our very own producer, Peter) showed off Scarygirl at CES last week. A lot of members of the press got to play the game, and some great previews are rolling in. Some of our favorite quotes include IGN’s “The game’s entire art direction just oozes confidence and wholeness of vision. ScaryGirl wears its weirdness unabashedly on its sleeve” and Kotaku’s “Creepy little girl with tentacle arm + cool art style + sweet combat and platforming + fond PS1 memories = game that comes out on XBLA and PSN for $15 next week. You dig? If so, let’s get some people talking about this, shall we?”

Take a look below!

Kotaku: “Square’s Scarygirl is Anything But Scary, All Sorts of Fun”

IGN: CES: Exploring ScaryGirl’s Quirky World

Destructoid: CES: Hands-on with the joyfully dark Scarygirl

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